About Me

I'm a Canadian fine art photographer now living in the Calgary area, Alberta. I wasn't always a photographer as I began my professional career as an educator on the West Coast after university in the Maritimes. From there I transitioned into leading Organization Development and Human Resources disciplines in the executive ranks of the corporate world.

I studied Black and White (The Zone System by Ansel Adams) photography for a year at the Canberra School of Art under the mentorship and fellowship of Hanh Tran, and his influence and passion for the visual arts resides within me to this day. Arriving back in Canada I bought my first Horseman medium format camera and switched 35mm camera systems that started my lifelong love affair with Nikon.

Along my life's journey I had a sixteen year run instructing outdoor pursuits and guiding wilderness adventure tours operating throughout British Columbia, Washington State, and the Canadian Arctic.

Mission Statement

To create images and memories for my Customers, Guests and Partners that touch their souls.

Partner and Be My Guest

Do you have an upcoming photography assignment, trip of a lifetime that you need an experienced companion or guide to accompany you, help planning your trip, or you're visiting the region where I live? Maybe you would like an experienced guide to tour you around to capture those photographic memories of a lifetime. I'd love to collaborate with you!

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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