Photography Excursions and Tours 2021/2022

About Me and the Outdoor/Adventure Travel & Tour Industry

I founded the Outdoor/Environmental Education Department in the Surrey School District in British Columbia and wrote their original Field Trips Guide and Policy. I owned/operated Adventures in Store Tours Ltd for 16 years which included but not limited to the West Coast Trail, Escalante Trail Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park and Johnstone Strait ocean kayaking, heli-hiking base camp in Stein Provincial Park, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Cathedral Provincial Park, Mt Edziza Provincial Park, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Arctic river trips and backpacking on Baffin Island. Also, I instructed multi-day outdoor pursuit courses  which included courses; such as, flat and white water paddling, rock climbing, mountaineering, avalanche and snow ecology training, winter survival courses, nordic skiing, telemarking, and  nature  photography through my company, Adventures in Store Ltd.  

I was head of Organization Development for Whistler/Blackcomb Mountains Resort and travelled across North America on behalf of its parent company Intrawest, * at the time the world's leading Destination Resort Development company, to its many golf (32 properties) and ski resort properties (15 properties) leading Corporate Strategic Planning, Role Clarity assessment/definition, Supply Chain Strategy, Leadership Development, North American Retail SBU, North American Human Resources SBU, North American Real Estate SBU, and a $400,000,000 Corporate Merger acquisition with Abercrombie and Kent in Chicago * world's most luxurious 5 Star Adventure Tour and Travel company.

 Photography Field Trips 2021/2022

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All landscape excursions are limited to a maximum group size of three participants. Student Teacher Ratio: 3:1

All wildlife excursions due to the the nature of wildlife photography will require that we limit group size to a maximum of three participants. Student Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Our Safety  It's important that we respect wildlife, cause them no undo stress, by strictly adhering to a policy of providing a safe distance between us and the photographic subject. 

Guide/Instructional Fee

Single Day Trip   $150/participant    Multiple Day Trip   $125/participant


Fuel expenses shared equally between participants within the vehicle you are travelling in plus an additional $25 surcharge to be paid to the owner/driver of the vehicle you are occupying.  

Excursion Dates                                                                                      

Landscape and wildlife photography excursions will commence as soon as we have one or more registered participants. Landscape excursion can be arranged any month of the year. Simply select a time and a theme ie Long Exposure Photography, Zone System Photography (B&W), Wildlife Photography,  Landscape Photography, and we'll organize the excursion. 

Wildlife excursions are scheduled specific to a wildlife event ie Ruffed Grouse drumming, Elk rutting season.  Simply inquire and register regarding a specific animal and we'll organize the excursion.

* Please note that although we know when and where the wildlife events occur we can't guarantee the animals will always be on location, on the day, and on demand as they are wild animals. We will do our best to find the wildlife if the location we have chosen is unproductive.    

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