A Tribute to Family

My appreciation for the arts comes from two primary sources, my family and my photography mentor. 


My deceased uncle C Warren Luckock was an acclaimed Canadian sculptor, painter, charcoal, and ink media artist. He studied at the world famous Academy of San Carlos (1781) in Mexico City and variations of Ink Art in Japan. Well known for his sketchings and teaching of Figure Drawing I’m proud to have a number of his works on display in my home. When he came out to the West Coast to visit me when I was young lad he told me about an Ansel Adams exhibit at Presentation House in North Vancouver. Off we went and that “hooked” me on my journey into the photographic arts. Thank you, and god bless!

My younger brother A Glen Luckock is a grand muralist whose whole life has been his art. Glen studied in residence under the internationally acclaimed Spanish born Quebec artist Jordi Bonet at the historic Manor Rouville Campbell in the beautiful village of Mont St. Hilaire.  He worked and studied in Amsterdam for nearly a decade before coming home to Montreal where he resides today. I think his works are simply truly extraordinary. No one that I’ve ever seen or experienced produces works of art like Glen does. I’m in awe of his unwavering commitment to his chosen profession even though it’s been a challenge to make a good living from his work. I have a few of his works in my home and wish I had the wall space for one of his grand murals. I love you bro! 

And last but not least my grandfather Richard C Luckock. Grandad was an incredibly ingenious, talented man with anything mechanical and was an excellent artist in his own right working in bronze. By profession he was a self-employed tool and die maker that on the side dabbled in bronze art works. I have his bronze bookends that I cherish. How he managed all of this while also actively supporting the love of his life, my grandmother, M Rae Luckock in her political and global activism representing Canada and the United Nations I’ll never know.         

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