A Tribute to Hanh

Hanh Tran was my photography teacher at the Canberra School of Art in Australia. Hanh was unlike many Vietnamese not a refugee, although the defeat of the South Vietnamese government basically meant he would become one. Hanh came as a student to study forestry at Australian National University under the Colombo Plan. While an undergraduate at the ANU he developed a love for photography and talked his way into a post graduate degree in media. Hanh went on to create an award winning documentary called Broken Journey, Mending Dreams screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation-I’m fortunate to have a copy of it. Later in his career Hanh became CEO of Radio Australia under the ABC. 

Hahn taught me the Zone System pioneered by Ansel Adams. He also taught me how to spear fish and we spent many weekends out on photo shoots, just he and I camping in the bush. It was an amazing adventure and year in my life living “Down Under” where I met Hanh, and made life long friends with a couple originally from Queensland who now reside in spectacular Wanaka, New Zealand.

Hanh, I wish you were here today for me to thank you in person. Thank you my friend, Rest In Peace knowing you made a real difference in this world.

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