During these times of strife, anxiety, turmoil, and social isolation there is no more important work than staying in touch with one’s family. Just to hear their voices and if you’re able to video conference that’s a bonus at this time. A family that stays connected enables its members to feel whole again-a unit. Life is short and no matter one’s age, the stages we pass through seem to vanish all too quickly and become memories. I love the memories but love the living in the moment, and with the future ahead of me even more!

My girls are adults now with careers and friends taking central stage in their lives. I was no different and upon reflection I wish I had known then what I know now. My mother said to me, “Dear, you just have to live longer to learn the lessons of time.” Yes, that’s true! What’s also true is that I should have reached out to mom and dad, my aunt and uncles, and my grandparents more often for advice and leaned on them when I needed them. I was too proud and didn’t want to worry them or bother them or worse yet,  I felt it was my problem and mine alone to resolve. I know now that they would have wanted me to call them. Too much pride can be a detriment to oneself.

As most of our politicians are now saying and I have to agree, we will get through this if we take individual responsibility for defeating Covid-19 and supporting each other; that includes our neighbours. That means stay home and practice social distancing; only shop once a week and go alone. Don’t socialize at the grocery store, that’s putting yourself and everyone else in jeopardy. Get exercise and if you go out keep socially distant or go at off hours, and don’t go where everyone else is going. Be smart and don’t be reckless or selfish! Something so simple as shovelling snow off your neighbours walk-way builds community and the sense that we’re not alone in this fight. And check-in with your family weekly, they need your love now more than ever even if they’re too proud to admit it.

Stay safe everyone and follow the Public Health Officers recommendations and orders. Your life and someone else’s life just might depend on it!



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