Music for the Soul

This short blog isn’t intended to be a summary of the current literature on the lymph system but rather a note to oneself to get one’s house in order, and not to forget the misunderstood and often neglected lymph system when building a healthy lifestyle. The esteemed cardiothoracic surgeon and pioneer Dr Gerald Lemole has written an excellent book based on our current knowledge and research on the lymph system titled Lymph and Longevity  The Untapped Secret to Health. I would encourage anyone reading this to pick up a copy and do their best to take his learnings to heart. 

So how is music connected to the lymph system? Simply, if you’re in the groove and feeling relaxed you’ll breathe more deeply which helps your lymph flow and circulate better. Why is this important? Your lymph system has three primary responsibilities: 

1. carrying toxins, immune cells, and messages throughout the body via the lymph fluid

2. carrying much larger bodies that originated within our bodies; such as, amino acids, proteins, and fatty substances from your gastrointestinal system to your liver

3. the storage of immune cells and carrying immune signals. Lymphatic vessel lining cells can receive and transmit messages directly or through your nervous system and can respond to chemical substances secreted by your cells to increase or decrease lymphatic flow

The better your lymph flow the better these primary functions of the lymph system work. So good flow is the key to a healthy lymph system and how you build and maintain a good flow is for you to find out by reading Dr Lemole’s book. It’s chalk full of excellent research and facts to help you live a longer, more healthy life. Dr Lemole explains how interconnected the lymph system is to the cardiopulmonary system, the endocrine system, the brain and nervous system, and the gastrointestinal system. It’s a holistic approach to healthy living involving the body, mind, and soul based on current solid scientific information and research. 

So back to music and it’s connection to our overall health. Listening to music works; singing and/or playing an instrument is even a better way to assist with lymph flow. Singing opens up the chest cavity and utilizes the diaphragm for deep breathing and increased lymph flow. Playing an instrument moves muscles which help to increase lymphatic flow by squeezing the lymphatic vessels and their one way valve mechanism. So play music often, sing-a-long, and get up and push away from your desk periodically to move with the music. Let it all hang out! The benefits to your health are immeasurable. The benefits to your sense of well-being and joy are magnified. And the benefits to your soul are calming and peaceful. Fast flow is good flow!          

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