This is Canada

It was a cold, snowy day so I decided to shoot an indoor shot using only natural light from a north facing window and some foam core reflectors I made. The foam core reflectors were as follows:

1. a white side and the other side spray painted matte black     76 cm x 76 cm

2. a single-sided adhesive silver foil and the other side a single-sided adhesive gold foil    76 cm x 76 cm

When shooting a still life I usually focus on three things: 

1. What’s the Theme

2. Texture to match the Theme

3. Props to match the Theme

It was fun and it brought back such great memories. Hockey Night in Canada with dad and my brothers around the television listening to legendary broadcasters Danny Gallivan and Foster Hewitt. All the Hall of Fame Montreal Canadiens like Dickie Moore and Doug Harvey. I took a five day hockey camp in the Montreal Forum as a 13 year old kid with those two gentleman. My old CCM Tackelberry skates that I got from the Shawinigan Bruins in the Quebec Major Junior League as an underage junior playing against 21 year olds; that’s a whole other story for another time. Canada Dry, lol! Everywhere I travelled in Egypt when someone heard I was from Canada he/she would say, “Canada Dry!” The old bucket from Quebec. As a kid I remember so well the sugaring off celebrations in the Spring at the Sugar Shack and the men dressed in black suits with white socks, and the fiddlers stomping on the hard wood floor to keep beat to the music. The boiled sap from the maple trees in huge vats and how the men would toss it on the snow for us kids, maple toffee. The hard wood floor was my first prop and it brought back memories of polishing and waxing the floor in our home before we were allowed to go outside and play. With six rambunctious kids all within two years of each other, mom and dad needed all help they could get. Then there were the rabbit tracks along the banks of the Richelieu and plowing through the snow in my snow shoes. I was always curious how they’d seem to disappear into thin air, wondering where’d they go?  Life’s about the memories! 

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