This Too Shall Pass III

“When I wake up, I’m reborn.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Chronic Sleep Deprivation

1. Lack of sleep can affect how our body processes and stores carbohydrates leading to weight gain and altering hormones that affect our appetite .

2. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, impatience, poor concentration, and general mood swings. 

3. Heart health: Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to irregular heartbeat, hypertension, and increased stress hormone levels.

4. Immune system: Sleep deprivation affects how our immune system functions.

5. Cognitive function: Loss of sleep can affect our ability to learn and memory retention. 

6. Sleep deprivation is a serious risk to one’s own safety and the safety of others ie. driving a car.

Sleep Aids

1. Chamomile tea

2.Green tea

3. Darker the room the better

4. Tart cherries

5. Non blue light emitting clocks and other electronic gadgets

6. Fresh air, if possible open a window

7. Made with Love: Curl up under mom’s hand stitched quilt  

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